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You Need to extend your network to another building?

With more and more businesses growing and looking to extend their premises, it's increasingly common for them to purchase another building adjacent to the current one, in order to help with expansion. This brings about the dilemma of paying for multiple Internet connections and maintaining all the networked devices within one manageable network. Often a building is located too far away for a network cable to be run, and Fibre brings about additional costs.

What's the solution?

Let's assume that a building has been purchased that is adjacent to the current one, and that this is to be used as the additional overflow warehouse. The current building has broadband connection and an internal wireless network already in place. The overflow warehouse has computers, VoIP phones and hand held scanners for picking and packing. You would like the warehouse to have an internet connection and for the devices to join the current network, but you can't reach it with the current setup.

Well, the simplest way to do this is with a WiFI Point-to-Point link. This means you have a dedicated wireless link between your main building and the overflow warehouse that provides a high data-throughput with no drop outs. At the warehouse end, you will be presented with an Ethernet connection (cable) which can be connected to a switch to connect both computers to.

You can also attach a WiFI Access Point to the switch to provide connectivity for the handheld scanner. You may even wish to run the computers wirelessly, this means you will just need to connect the Ethernet cable from the point-to-Point link to the access point.

What is a WiFI Point-to-Point link (PtP)?

A WiFI Point-to-Point link consists of a pair of directional outdoor access points for a dedicated link between the two points. This link runs on a completely externally to that of the building WiFi, so it doesn't cause any interference or affect the range in any way.