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POS Software Built to Increase Revenue



Alice POS is a new-generation cloud based point-of-sale software package that launches merchants into the modern high-tech era. You'll find that managing your inventory, customers and employees is a pleasure and your data will always be protected on highly secured servers with one focus in mind; boost your sales.

All in One Solution

Alice POS is built to increase revenue and save time while offering multi-store specific features such as inter-store inventory transfers, standardized network pricing, and advanced reports.


Sell in-Store of On the Go

Alice POS is a highly portable solution that easily centralise all your sales anywhere. Sell simultaneously in-store, online, or in Popup Shops, Trade Shows and Sidewalk Sales.

Rent & Repair

Alice POS can closely track rentals and repairs. If you do not offer rentals or repairs in your store, why not use these powerful options to increase your revenue!


Desjardins & Moneris Semi-Integration

Easily suggest similar or complementary products or services to your clients. Cross-sales help provide better service, keep your staff on top of their game and increase your revenue!
Avoid amount and payment method mistakes when you complete a transaction with the semi-integration with our partners.

Non-Integrated Card Management

Provide Store Credit

Add personalized payment methods to Alice POS in a couple of clicks.
Build up customer loyalty or better serve trusting clients by providing in store credit. Accept in store credit instead of refunds.

All-in-One Touch Solution

Gift Cards & Memberships

Enjoy an incredibly pleasant tactile experience with Alice POS on touch screens and tablets. Alice POS is an all-in-one solution: everything is included, period.
Easily manage gift cards and sell memberships within Alice POS. Offer your clients rebates or special perks for their fidelity.


Buy Back & Trade - In

Take items in consignment and offer your clients in-store credit or cash. This may be an excelled new revenue stream for stores looking for a powerful system to track consigned items.
Purchase items from your clients and put them back on our shelves for sale in no time. You could even trade-in, rent, sell, consign and repair in the same transaction!

Manage Used Items

Regular Sales

Manage used inventory with personalize statuses. This may be an excellent new revenue stream for stores looking to offer better service and products than the online second-hand market.
Selling with Alice POS is quick and easy. All you have to do is scan the product the customer wants to purchase to start your transaction. Alice POS is compatible with a variety of equipment for your point of sale.

Bundle Function

You can offer or purchase product packages to your customers. Alice POS allows you to collect items and purchase them in inventory as a set.


Control Everything Anywhere

Serialized Items

Alice POS is a cloud solution available everywhere at any time. Never backup your systems or pay extra for updates ever again.
Track items closely with Alice POS's serialised capacities. Serialised items are given to a unique lifetime serial number that enables you to track the item on each passage in your store.

e-Commerce Integration

Promotion Management

For your commerce to function smoothly, your online and in-store sales must be integrated. Sync POS with your e-Commerce sales to centralize and organize all your orders.
Offer various types of promotions such as percentages, dollar values, kits and more. Quickly create your flyers from the promotions entered into your system and push them to all stores.

Advance User Permissions

Advanced Reports

Create customization user profiles and assign user rights depending on your specific needs. Grant controlled access to anyone in your organization.
Enjoy detailed reports including accounting, sales, inventory, employee performance and more.

Inventory Control

Decimal Product Management

Keep close track of your inventory with minimum inventory suggestions depending on your sales history and manual suggestions made by managers or head Office.
Sell products with a decimal value (weight, units...) in any unit measure you wish (items, kilograms, grams, pounds, meters...)

Minimum Quantity Suggestions

Package Breakdown Management

Alice POS will automatically suggest minimum quantities to have in your inventory to help you better manage stock.
Easily breakdown a package of multiple products into individuals items within your inventory to save time and energy stocking up.

Inventory Management

Type of Product

Alice POS offer simple computerized inventory management so that you can track your inventory in real-time. The software automatically suggests the optimal or minimum quantities to maintain in your inventory based on your sales history, or manual suggestions made by managers of head office.
Alice POS allows you to categorize, manage and track the types of products in inventory. It makes it easier for managers to track their inventory with these three product categories: Bulk, Quantity and Serialized (Precise Inventory)

Invoice Management

Supplier Management

You can easily categorize your sales according to the transaction performed. All your transactions are recorded in the store system.
Alice POS allows you to mange your supplier invoices. All the purchases you make are recorded in the software and you can follow up with your suppliers afterwards.

Employee Management

Contact Management

Access a timesheet, an access list, a list of commissions and the sales per employee. Alice POS offers you all these tools and more in order to manage your staff and better manage your employees.
Alice POS allows you to enter your contacts and categorize them according to their profile. By personalizing the profiles, it will be easier to find your contacts and to know their needs.

Customer Order Management

Multi-Store Management

Register an order when your customers requests an item that you do not have in store. You can use this function to order the requested item when it is high demand.
Reduce your workload with multi-store management. Make your price, product and other changes from a single account and push these changes throughout your network of stores.

Label Management

Alice POS offers the label function that allows you to manage and customize the information on your labels.
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