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School Supply


The CareHawk suite of communication products keep schools running smoothly and safety, so staff and students can focus on what's important.


Student and staff safety is the top priority at any educational facility. It's a fundamental requirement for a healthy and effective learning environment. That's why we're dedicated to developing life safety communication technologies that alert, inform and instruct staff and students through everyday activities and during emergency situations.

The CareHawk® CH1000(LT) ensures staff and students receive timely, clear, concise, and accessible emergency alerts and instructions with automated pre-recorded local security alerts, district wide alerts, visual display messaging, email alerts, classroom intercom, and paging. The CH1000(LT) also integrates with low voltage fire, video security, and access control systems.



Calendar™(PC) and WebCalendar™ (broswer-based) provide everything staff needs to schedule bells, tones, programs, video surveillance, and more. All through an easy to understand wizard based interface. Program events years in advance or update on the fly.

Graphic-based admin phone Assistant™ software enables staff to initiate functions with a click of the mouse and pick up the phone to speak. No need for a “cheat sheet" to remember complicated access codes, just click an icon and go!

Trigger alerts from security sensors, classroom telephones, cell phones, computers (VCall™ or ToneAlerts™ software) or push buttons.

Send visual messages to a series of synchronized messaging displays with full color HD graphics for enhanced intelligibility. Display graphics as well as text for more effective communication when it matters most. Messages can be sent within a single school or to multiple schools district wide.

Rely on CareHawk® Email Alert Messenger™ software to automatically deliver emergency alerts to staff and administration when an emergency occurs. Customize email messages and configure up to 99 unique alerts for effective response to everyday and crisis situations.

With District Wide Messaging a simple click of the mouse now allows school administrators the ability to send lockdown alerts (using Alerts™ PC software) or any message to a single school, a group of schools, or to the entire district at once.

Send tones or background music to any one of 64 zones or any group of zones with the AP1 Administrative Phone or Assistant™ PC software. With WAV file based tones, administrators can use one of the many factory tones or easily add their own custom tones.

Fully integrate your access control, and security system to streamline emergency functions. Trigger lockdowns that not only alert staff and students but automatically lock the doors and signal a central monitoring station.

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