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Computer Lease Program

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The Pandemic has caused all businesses to rethink their strategies, mitigate risk where possible, and to operate as efficiently as we can. We often say that while we work in the technology industry we are also in change intelligence industry. Change can be a difficult hurdle, and this past year has shown us that change can come when we least expect it, with profound impacts on our ability to operate. It’s also changed how we all view and use our workplaces. Staying up to date with our business tools is key to operating efficiently, and today for many of us our computer equipment is as essential as our company vehicles This lease program offers our local business community, government departments and agencies that operate in Western Newfoundland one more way of operating more cost effectively.

Key Program Points:

  • Select the Computers you want and need

  • Optional Remote Assist Tech

  • Low interest rate

  • Local Maintenance and repairs

  • Lease payment tax benefits

What would a computer lease look like? You tell us the computer you want, we prepare a quote...


Leonovo ThinkPad TS E15 I5 ITB W10P

Lease for $ 29.46 per month.

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