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School Intercom and Paging

Everyday & Emergency Communications

Serving safer schools every day and in times of crisis.

The CareHawk® suite of communication products keeps schools running smoothly and safely, so staff and students can focus on what's important - learning.

Student and staff safety is the top priority at any educational facility. It's a fundamental requirement for a healthy and effective learning environment. That's why we're dedicated to developing life safety communication technologies that alert, inform and instruct staff and students through everyday activities and during emergency situations.

The CareHawk® CH1000(LT) ensures staff and students receive timely, clear, concise and accessible emergency alerts and instructions with automated pre-recorded local security alerts, district wide alerts, visual display messaging, email alerts, classroom intercom and paging. The CH1000(LT) also integrates with low voltage fire, video security, and access control systems.

Keeping schools running smoothly, Safely and on-time!