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Conveniently located in Corner Brook and with sub contractors all over Newfoundland. PhoneTech Computer Service provides Local Sales, Local Service, AND Local Support! If you experience any issues with an item you purchased, just let us know. We are here for you and provide support services when you need them!


We go out of our way to help you with any issues that may arise, from fixing it here to helping you deal with a manufacturer warranty replacement. We are here for you.


Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it most. The truth is that most PCs these days, either from a brand name manufacturer or no-name brand, can be easily be serviced by any capable technician. Finding a qualified specialist capable of understanding your PC's repairs in a professional and efficient manner can be a difficult task. All of our computer repairs can be done in your home or at our shop. Let us offer you our assistance.


  • Microsoft, Linux and Mac

  • Laser Printer Repair

  • General Performance Issues

  • General PC Repair

  • New Computer Set-up and recycling to protect your data

  • Data Backup and recovery

  • Laptop repair and screen repair

  • Hardware repairs and upgrades

  • Any Make, Any Model Repair by Professionals


PhoneTech is an Authorized Warranty Service Provider for Toshiba and Lenovo


Bring your system in for warranty repairs. We service any brand that is out of warranty.


Our technician Michael has over 20 years experience and hold, will get you machine up and running smoothly. We repair all kinds of computer hardware or software issues. Our dedication is to do whatever it takes to straighten out any computer related issues - viruses, data recovery, slow performance, windows corruption, hardware failures, etc. We also setup your new system and transfer files from your old PC to your new PC.




After the SALE, It's the SERVICE that counts!